High-Performance Slurry Pumps
Slurry Pump Parts
Slurry Pump Parts
Our motors are widely used in home appliances and ventilation systems.
    1. Home Appliances
    2. Home Appliances Yixiong offers various types of electric motors, which can be used for fans in different sizes (4 inch, 5 inch or 6 inch) and other home appliances such as heaters, air coolers, hand dryers, water dispensers, water purifiers, ovens and so on.
      Our electric motors have received RoHS, CE, UL and TUV certifications.
    1. Ventilation System
    2. Ventilation System Yixiong has a complete set of manufacturing equipment and assembly lines. We can use batch production to reduce costs and provide you with high quality electric motors at a low price.
      We also offer personalized services like motor design and construction, optional configuration and logo printing.
About Us

Zhejiang Yixiong M&E Manufacturing Co. has been a reliable source for high quality electric motor products since 1999. Our production operation is focused on the manufacturing of electronically commutated (EC) motors, shaded pole motors, and cross flow fans.

We have around 260 employees and 6 workshops for high speed press, aluminium casting, injection moulding, riveting, winding and assembly. They are well equipped with a complete set of equipment like high speed punching machine, die casting machine, injection moulding machine and 4 assembly lines. We can produce on average 35,000 electric motors per day.

Zhejiang Yixiong M&E Manufacturing Co., Ltd.